Walker bell


Mechanical corkscrew


Le manche porte l'inscription publicitaire "WM J. LEMP BREWING COMPANY ST. LOUIS, MO."

Sur le dessous du manche, l'inscription : Don't Pull, Turn Until Cork is Out."


The Walker Bell corkscrew was patented in 1893 by Edwin Walker, an American designer. A simple self-pulling corkscrew that incorporated a bell shape, the Walker Bell was often used for promotional messages. The bell shape rested on the bottle top and as the corkscrew was turned the cork was pulled inside the bell. Edwin Walker's first bells were manufactured by E.S.M. Co. of Erie, Pennsylvania in the early 1890's. Walker also patented a method for making corkscrews in 1912. The patent drawings to the left and below illustrates a Walker design for a combination corkscrew/bottle opener. (U.S. Pat No. 647775 - granted on April 17, 1900).
This German corkscrew with open bell and full worm include a cap lifter. This model is recent.


Total length: 5.09 inches (15 cm)
Worm length: (6 cm)


1.30 ounces (65 grammes)


24 USD (20 €) - Last valuation january 01, 2007


The ultimate corkscrew book :page 180

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